An affordable solution to finally seeing the results you've been wanting

without the OVERWHELM of figuring it all out on your own.

Find MOTIVATION. Love your Food. See RESULTS.
Find your PEOPLE.


If you're like most of our members...

You struggle getting MOTIVATED.

You don't know where to START.

You're sick of figuring out what you can EAT.

You don't know what WORKOUTS to do.



(You don't have the extra $$ to hire a personal trainer...)

Trust us, we get it!

Which is why we've created FTS.

Introducing FTS

... your resource for SUCCESS.

An affordable & insanely valuable resource that will guide you through increasing your metabolism, losing weight and developing more confidence and self-control without restrictions and crazy cardio!

What's included in FTS??

  • Access to our full RECIPE DATABASE

  • Meal Plans

  • LIVE Cooking Demos

  • LIVE & On-Demand Workouts


  • Workshops

  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls

  • Access to Private Accountability & Support Group

  • Knowledge, support & encouragement from 2 Certified Trainers/Cancer Exercise Specialists/Nutritionists/Transformation Coaches

Hear what others are saying about it...

"You're both so responsive and you're always right there! You don't just dump us into a program... you answer every question. It's amazing!"


"Thank you for your motivation. This group is amazing, to know we are not alone!"


" I love following along with Lisa's live workouts -- her explanations are easy to understand and I'm able to do all of the workouts, even with my limitations because of all of the modifications!"


So many programs focus on RESTRICTIONS & LIMITATIONS, which gets you stuck in this DIET MENTALITY.

We provide you with


recipes & workouts without restrictions,

so you can freely choose what you like and

still know you are staying on track!

An INCREDIBLE value for ONLY $29/month!!!!

Through FTS, we give you the tools to:

  • reset your metabolism naturally through food and exercise

  • stop self-sabotaging

  • reprogram your thoughts to work FOR you instead of against you

  • confidently understand what ‘healthy vs unhealthy’ actually means

  • set up your goals and stay motivated to stick to them

  • get results and maintain them in a realistic and sustainable way

Join now for ONLY $29/month.

(Your price will never increase through the duration of your membership!)